Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Long time, no update!

While it might initially appear that I've been a sloth-and-a-half, in reality, I've been crazy busy trying to keep up with life and its many transitions. As of July 16th I'm officially a college graduate of UCSB, and conversely another member of the "unemployed workforce." I traveled to the East Coast for a week to see my father, and am currently on another trip to Colorado with my girlfriend to see her family and enjoy the finer things in America (read: tourist destinations, traps, and everything in-between).

Because of all the life transitions, I'm currently looking for more paying positions. I've recently been hired over at GameShark.com for reviews and other miscellanea, and hope to find a few more positions or internships in the nearby future. Until then, I'll keep toiling away at my few websites, hoping to see where things take me over the next month or two.

If you ever need to reach me, you can do so by leaving me a comment or sending me an email (found here).

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