Thursday, February 21, 2008

RPGamer - Opoona Preview

Alright! Here's something a bit more substantial: a full blown preview! I've been a fan of Opoona since it was announced for Western shores and jumped at the opportunity to write a preview about it for RPGamer. I tried to do previews last year, but after an unfortunate mishap with a Fire Emblem write up, I retreated into hibernation. Alas, I am back and in full effect, and I hope you will enjoy.

The preview is a bit "by the numbers," but considering it was written for RPGamer and intended to by a synopsis of my internet sleuthing combined with press releases, I think it turned out pretty well. I should hopefully be getting a review copy for MyWiiNews sometime around the time that Opoona launches, so look forward to my hands-on impressions of the game sometime soon.

Onward! To Obscurity!

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Daily Nexus - "Giddy as a Five-Year Old"

Oh, the Daily Nexus. Sure it's fun writing for your campus newspaper and all that, but it's been a bit difficult trying to ascertain what are exactly my expectations as a columnist. While that continues to work itself out, I'll keep plugging away at my column, trying to write about something a bit more interesting than the usual messageboard drivel.

Regardless, my second piece for The Daily Nexus went up. Even though the editor changed around my text a bit, elongated my title, and completely tossed my blurb out the window, I wasn't too perturbed. I think I need to stick to a single point a little more, but the Nexus is a great way for me to just force myself to think for a few hours and see what comes out.

So see what came out:

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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Four Problems Facing the Wii in 2008: #4 - Innovation and Potential

Whew! It's finally over!

The fourth part of my series on the Wii in 2008 has finally been completed and posted on the internets. I worked on it over the weekend, lost time due to papers and midterms that snuck up on me, and then it took a day to two to finally get up on MyWiiNews. While this makes my once week-long retrospective a two-week affair, I think the extra time did the column some good, as I was able to flesh out a few more ideas than I was previously expecting.

The post was featured on N4G for a little while, and even got up to 240* on their heat meeter! I think that's a good thing? Take a peek for yourself:

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MyWiiNews - "Homebrewers Sucessfully Hack the Wii!"

Here's a piece I was working on at the same time as the Rock Band piece, but ended up going up a little bit later due to a news flood that hit MyWiiNews. In it I talk about the new Zelda exploit for the Wii, which has finally allowed hackers to crack into the Wii and launch their own stuff. This is pretty huge for the homebrew community, so I basically ran to talk about this.

Also, it apparently caught on with StumbleUpon and got a ridiculous amount of hits. I wish people would comment little more, but I'm just happy that someone's reading.

Speaking of reading...

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Friday, February 1, 2008

MyWiiNews - Rock Band for Wii Announced!

Another quick news post for MyWiiNews. I found out last night that EA finally officially announced Rock Band for Wii, a move that took far to long considering there's no reason for the game not appear on store shelves, and it's already appeared on practically every other console out there. The big question remains about the World Tour mode and downloadable content (which were both absent from the shoddy PS2 cash-in) will be present, but we'll just have to wait and find out whether EA was using its time effectively.

Oh, and I made the mock-up box art. Kinda cool.

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