Thursday, February 21, 2008

Daily Nexus - "Giddy as a Five-Year Old"

Oh, the Daily Nexus. Sure it's fun writing for your campus newspaper and all that, but it's been a bit difficult trying to ascertain what are exactly my expectations as a columnist. While that continues to work itself out, I'll keep plugging away at my column, trying to write about something a bit more interesting than the usual messageboard drivel.

Regardless, my second piece for The Daily Nexus went up. Even though the editor changed around my text a bit, elongated my title, and completely tossed my blurb out the window, I wasn't too perturbed. I think I need to stick to a single point a little more, but the Nexus is a great way for me to just force myself to think for a few hours and see what comes out.

So see what came out:

Read: "Giddy as a Five-Year Old ["for fresh videogames"]"

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