Thursday, February 21, 2008

RPGamer - Opoona Preview

Alright! Here's something a bit more substantial: a full blown preview! I've been a fan of Opoona since it was announced for Western shores and jumped at the opportunity to write a preview about it for RPGamer. I tried to do previews last year, but after an unfortunate mishap with a Fire Emblem write up, I retreated into hibernation. Alas, I am back and in full effect, and I hope you will enjoy.

The preview is a bit "by the numbers," but considering it was written for RPGamer and intended to by a synopsis of my internet sleuthing combined with press releases, I think it turned out pretty well. I should hopefully be getting a review copy for MyWiiNews sometime around the time that Opoona launches, so look forward to my hands-on impressions of the game sometime soon.

Onward! To Obscurity!

Read: RPGamer's Opoona Preview

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