Thursday, January 31, 2008

Daily Nexus - "A Gamer's Paradise"

My first piece for The Daily Nexus has finally gone up! Apparently it's been up since the 24th, but I swear I've checked it multiple times since then and not seen the article up. I guess I must have been hallucinating, but I'm glad everything is finally going well with the Nexus.

I pitched the idea of a gaming column that focused more on gaming culture than straightforward reviews, even though this first one came out a bit "review-y" for my liking. There are a handful of great ideas in here I'd love to develop into a full feature, but we'll have to find out how all that goes. It's kind of fun to be an online columnist for my college's newspaper. Take a peek, if you're so inclined.

Read: "A Gamer's Paradise"

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