Sunday, March 23, 2008

MyWiiNews - Okami Preview

At last this thing goes up! I've been working on this preview for Okami between classes and papers for almost two weeks now, and finally had the extra time yesterday to put the finishing touches on it. Since I slept on Okami the first time around (I was PS2-less until late last year), I'm extra excited for the Wii adaptation.

In the preview I did my best to explain the game's mechanics and style without giving up too much information for gamers (like myself) who are completely new to the experience. I really wanted to emphasize the fact that Okami was missed by far too many people the first time around, especially for how good of a game it was/is, and I think it came through pretty well.

Another fun fact: I created the image for the title with a few images, filters, and Photoshop magic. I wanted something a little different, and I think it didn't turn out too bad.

With that out of the way, onto the long-awaited preview!

Read: Okami - Preview

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