Monday, March 24, 2008

MyWiiNews - Opoona Impression

It's a busy week, and it's only going to get busier!

Knowing that I probably wouldn't be able to finish Opoona by the time the game was released (I got it this past Friday evening), I wanted to put up a little something to spark interest for the game, as well as for my future review. I chose to do a working "impression" of my six hours with the game to share my initial thoughts of the quirky intergalactic adventure.

The impresion is rather charitable to Opoona, as I only had a few hours with it and didn't feel it would be right for me to rip into it for whatever shortcomings it had. MyWiiNews has a different fanbase than say, RPGamer, so I had to alter my RPG writing style a little bit. I'll be a bit more critical of the game come review time, but the impression definitely lets people know what the game is about, and how the copy they might pick up should treat them in the first few hours. Take a peek, if you like.

Read: Opoona - Impression

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